How do you remove seat from Indian Scout?

How do you remove an Indian Roadmaster seat?

Seat Removal (ROADMASTER)

  1. Remove the left side cover to access the tool kit.
  2. Remove the trunk.
  3. Disconnect the trunk harness from the main harness.
  4. Locate the seat mount brackets under the edge of the driver’s seat. …
  5. Remove the rear bracket bolt , washer and nylon grommet from the passenger portion of the seat.

Is Indian scout a girl bike?

The Scout is a rider’s bike. An amazingly quick, awesome handling, extremely fun, true rider’s bike. It is not a girly bike.

Can you put a passenger seat on an Indian Scout?

Upgrade your Indian Scout from a one-up cruiser to a two-up mileage hound with this comfortable and richly styled Passenger Seat. This seat features comfortable cushioning and a stylish Desert Tan or Black cover with the Indian Motorcycle® logo embossed across the front strap.

Is Scout or Indian Scout Sixty better?

The biggest difference (but not the only one) is that the Scout Bobber Sixty has a slightly smaller engine and makes a little less horsepower (but it’s also a little cheaper, and a great motorcycle for beginners). The Bobber Sixty also has more parts of the bike that are blacked out. Take some time to educate yourself.

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