How long has it been since Indian independence?

How many years have it been since India got independence?

India has been independent for 73 years.

How many years have passed for independence?

In 2020, India completed 73 years as an independent nation. In other words, we exclude 1947 and start our count from 1948. However, when we calculate the number of Independence Day the country has celebrated, we also include August 15, 1947, making it our 74th Independence Day.

Is it 71st or 72nd Independence Day 2021?

2021-1947= 74

According to Know India: National Portal of India, India will be celebrating its 75th Independence Day in 2021.

Which year of independence is 2020?

Independence Day 2021: Is India celebrating 74th or 75th anniversary of freedom struggle? Here’s the answer. Every year, 15 August is commemorated as the day India gained independence from British rule. The day is observed as the culmination of our decades-long attempt to achieve freedom from colonial domination.

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