How many princely states joined India?

At the time of the British withdrawal, 565 princely states were officially recognised in the Indian subcontinent, apart from thousands of zamindari estates and jagirs.

Which princely states joined India last?

The United State of Rajasthan was formed as the result of a series of mergers, the last of which was completed on 15 May 1949. Travancore and Cochin were merged in the middle of 1949 to form the princely union of Travancore-Cochin.

Who was the first princely state to merge in India?

Together they, under the guidance of Lord Mountbatten, were given the responsibility to coax, cajole and convince the princes to accede to the Indian union. Bikaner, Baroda and few other states from Rajasthan were the first ones to join the union.

Who is the king of Kashmir?

Hari Singh was born on 23 September 1895 at the palace of Amar Mahal, Jammu, the only surviving son of Raja Amar Singh Jamwal, the brother of Maharaja Pratap Singh, then the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir in a Dogra Rajput family.

Did Nizam wanted to join Pakistan?

After Indian Independence (1947–48)

On 11 June 1947, the Nizam issued a declaration to the effect that he had decided not to participate in the Constituent Assembly of either Pakistan or India. However, the Nizams were Muslim ruling over a predominantly Hindu population.

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Who ruled the princely state?

– Option B: During the British Raj the princely states and Provinces were two types of Administrative divisions of India which were under the direct or indirect control of the British. The Princely States were ruled by a local ruler who was in alliance with the British Raj.

Which is the oldest state in India?

UP, Bihar have India’s youngest populations; Kerala, Tamil Nadu are the oldest.

Which was the largest princely state in India?

Largest princely states by area

Name of princely state Area in square miles Present State
Jammu and Kashmir 84,471 Jammu and Kashmir
Hyderabad State 82,698 Telangana
Jodhpur State 36,071 Rajasthan
Kingdom of Mysore 29,458 Karnataka

Was Hyderabad a part of Pakistan?

Hyderabad, also spelled Haydarabad, city, south-central Sind province, southeastern Pakistan.

Which state was not created in 2000?

Maharashtra state was formed in 1960 by dividing the Bombay province on a linguistic basis into Maharashtra and Gujarat. In November 2000, three new states were created, namely Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal(Uttarakhand), and Jharkhand.

Who decided partition of India?

Sir Cyril Radcliffe headed the boundary commission which draw up the border between India and Pakistan. According to historian Ayesha Jalal, ‘it was rather an arbitrary line, which in some instances cut villages into two’.