How many ring roads are there in India?

Which cities in India have outer ring road?


  • Outer Ring Road, Amaravati.
  • Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
  • Outer Ring Road, Chennai.
  • Outer Ring Road, Delhi.
  • Outer Ring Road, Erode.
  • Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad.
  • Outer Ring Road, Nagpur.
  • Outer Ring Road, Trivandrum.

Which is the biggest ring road in India?


  • Outer Ring Road, Largest in the nation, about 158 km, 8-lane ring road Inner Road Road, Hyderabad.
  • Inner and Outer Ring Roads and Elevated Beltways, Chennai.
  • Central, Inner Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, and Peripheral Ring Roads, Bangalore.

Which city has the most roads?

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Rank Urban Area Freeway Lane Miles per 1,000 Population
1 Kansas City MO-KS 1.241
2 Fort Worth TX 0.894
3 Dallas TX 0.885
4 St. Louis MO-IL 0.883

How many beltways are there?

Auxiliary routes are generally classified as spur routes, which connect to the parent route at one end, bypasses, which connect to the parent route at both ends, or beltways, which form a complete circle intersecting the parent route at two locations. There are 323 auxiliary Interstates in the United States.

Which is the longest expressway in world?

List of longest ring roads

Rank Name Distance (miles)
1 Delhi-Mumbai Expressway 828
2 G95 Capital Area Loop Expressway 584
4 G98 Hainan Island Ring Expressway 381
5 Moscow Big Ring Road 340
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What is meaning of Outer Ring Road?

Outer Ring Road (ORR) is a ring road that runs around most of the perimeter of the city of Bangalore, India. … The BDA and BMRDA have planned three more ring roads beyond the existing ring road. The first of these, the Peripheral Ring Road will run a few kilometres beyond the BMIC-PRR.