How many River dams are there in India?

India has 5,202 large dams. According to the Central Water Commission (CWC), a large dam is one with height of at least 15m from its deepest foundation to the crest.

How many dams are there in India in 2020?

Dams in India:

India has 4,407 large dams, the third highest number in the world after China (23,841) and the USA (9,263). Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand is the highest dam in India built on Bhagirathi river. Hirakud Dam in Odisha built on river Mahanadi is the longest dam of India.

Which river has dam in India?

Major Dams in India

List Of Major Dams in India State River
Sardar Sarovar Dam Gujarat Narmada
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Telangana Krishna
Hirakud dam Odisha Mahanadi
Bhakra Nangal Dam Punjab-Himachal Pradesh Border Sutlej

Is Bhakra Nangal Dam largest?

The Bhakra-Nangal Dam is the second tallest dam in Asia and located in the border of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. It is the highest straight gravity dam in India with the height of about 207.26 meters and it runs across 168.35 km.

What is the biggest dam in Asia?

Top 30 ranks, by reservoir volume in descending order

Rank Name Region
1 Bakun Dam Asia
2 Three Gorges Dam Asia
3 Longtan Dam Asia
4 Nuozhadu Dam Asia

What is the longest undammed river in the US?

List of longest undammed rivers

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River Length Notes
Yellowstone River 1,114 km (692 mi) Longest undammed river in the contiguous United States.
Maya River 1,053 km (654 mi)
Fly River 1,050 km (650 mi) Largest completely undammed river system in the world
White River 934 km (580 mi)