How many superfast trains are there in India?

India’s 20 superfast trains. The Indian Railways has an ambitious plan to increase the speed of Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains to 160-200 km/hour over the next three years. The maximum speed of these trains is 130-160 km per hour. Currently, 450 pairs of superfast trains run on the Indian Railways.

How many fast trains are there in India?


Train category Train name Max. speed
Gatimaan Express Jhansi Gatimaan Express 160 km/h
Vande Bharat Express Varanasi Vande Bharat Express 130 km/h
Rajdhani Express Bandra Rajdhani Express 150 km/h
Shatabdi Express Habibganj–New Delhi Shatabdi Express 150 km/h

Which is the superfast train in India?

1. Fastest Train in India 2019: Vande Bharat Express – Train 18 (22439), Max Speed- 180 km/h. With a top speed of 180 km/hr, the super-fast train is functioned to run at 160 km/hr on the train tracks for safety purposes.

How many trains are there in India?

Indian Railways is among the world’s largest rail network, and its route length network is spread over 67,956 kms, with 13,169 passenger trains and 8,479 freight trains, plying 23 million travellers and 3 million tonnes (MT) of freight daily from 7,349 stations.

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How many special trains are there in India?

North-Central Railways (NCR) division of Indian Railways has decided to restore 16 special trains, run two new special superfast express trains, and change the frequency of two trains this month.

Which country is first in railway?


Rank Country Area (km2) per km track
1 United States 65.55
2 China 65.62
3 Russia 199.98
4 India 48.8

Which trains are running in India during lockdown?

These include the Jodhpur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla special train, the Jodhpur-Indore special train, the Jodhpur-Barmer special train, the Jodhpur-Bilada special train and the Sriganganagar-Ambala special train, which will remain cancelled from May 19 until further orders.

Is trains are running in India?

On June 5 and June 6, Indian Railways have announced to resume 24 passenger trains that were earlier suspended. Amid the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic, several trains were temporarily suspended. The Indian Railways have decided to resume some of these trains again.

How many trains are running in India today?

The Indian Railways is currently running 1,490 mail and express trains, 5,397 suburban train services, and 947 passenger trains, including MEMU (mainline electric multiple unit), DMU (diesel multiple unit) and EMU (electric multiple unit).