Is also known as the Scotland of India?

Coorg, which is often called as the Scotland of India, is nestled amid emerald hills that dot the southernmost tip of Karnataka.

What is coorg also known as?

Coorg (also known as Kodagu) is a hill station located in Karnataka famous for its coffee and tea plantations. Coorg is called the ‘Scotland of India’ and also ‘Kashmir of the South’ thanks to its majestic beauty and cool climate. It is situated at 3500 ft above sea level.

Which of the following cities is famously called Scotland of India?

Coorg — the Scotland of India

It’s known as the Scotland of India because of striking similarities between the two places in terms of architecture, geography, terrain, climate, and landscapes.

Which city is known as Grape city?

Nashik is the earliest holy city situated in Maharashtra, a fantastic state in Western India. Nashik is one of the captivating place in India, the blend of ancient and modern touches. It is broadly known as the ‘wine capital of India’ as well as the ‘Grape cityof India.

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