Question: How many ATKTs are allowed in Mumbai University for engineering?

How many Atkts are allowed in Mumbai University?

A student shall be allowed to keep term (ATKT) in Third Year only if he/she fails in not more than Two Subjects in each of semester III and semester IV of Second Year. And he/she must have passed First Year semester I and semester II in full.

How many KT are allowed in engineering?

According to the ordinances of Mumbai university,engineering students can have a maximum of 5 theory subjects and three internal kts. This has been the rule for passing since a few years now. Also the old rule of first year clear for third year admission and second year clear for final year admission is still there.

How can I clear my kt in Mumbai University?

That means you have to wait a whole year until you can apply for third year or final year. meanwhile you can clear the kt’s in your drop year. (means you can go and give exams for the kt papers, clear them and after the year is over you can go for the third year or final year.

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What is internal Atkt?

Allowed to keep terms (ATKT) is a process in the Indian education system to allow students of pre-graduation and graduation to study in the next grade if they have failed in 1 to 4 subjects. The students must pass the papers they failed before entering into the next grade.

What is a dead KT?

There is a difference between dead kt and live kt – A dead kt is an old kt that you had in the past and cleared it. A live kt is one that is still not cleared – AFTER you have passed semester 8.

What is the passing marks out of 75 in Mumbai University?

Passing Standard:

The learners shall obtain minimum of 40% marks (i.e. 10 out of 25) in the Internal Assessment and 40% marks in Semester End Examination (i.e. 30 out of 75) separately, to pass the course and minimum of Grade E in each project, wherever applicable, to pass a particular semester.

Are backlogs mentioned in degree?

A degree is awarded only when you pass the exams. … Completing a degree means clearing all exams in all subjects and it is not possible if one has a backlog in any of the subjects. He or she has to clear all the backlogs in the given timeframe and then only he or she will be considered as a graduate.

Does ATKT affect job?

Though you have two backlogs also known as ATKT, it will not affect your placement during college interviews as there are very few companies asking for a total clean record. In most cases, it suffices if you have no arrears during the time of your interview. … Colleges conduct campus interview during your final year.

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What happens if you fail your first semester in college in India?

According to the annual scheme, if a student fails in the first-year exams, fails to score the minimum marks, falls short of attendance or did not appear in the exams, they are allowed to take the subsequent first-year exams as ex-students (not regulars). …

Does Mumbai University give grace marks?

Mumbai University has instructed affiliated colleges to provide grace marks to student appearing for MU Final Year Exam 2020. Mumbai University has instructed all the affiliated colleges to give grace marks to students who will appear for the Mumbai University Final Year Exam 2020.

What is a KT in engineering?

kt is the short form for atkt and the full form of atkt is ” allowed to keep term”. In engineering language we sometimes say we got 3 kts or 4 kts. This means we have failed in 3 or 4 subjects and the more number of kts you get in a semester will ultimately decide whether your get a year drop or not.

What is the difference between backlog and Atkt?

Some universities call it ATKT (allowed to keep term), some call it CP (Carry Papers), some call it backlog etc. If the fail papers are more, a student is declared as Failed or Dropped and not allowed to move ahead unless he clears his backlogs.

What is a backlog in India?

Backlog in the educational field means the number of subjects that a student has not cleared in the final examination. Otherwise, it also means the number of subjects in an exam that a student has failed. Or can even be termed as a subject that is yet to be cleared by the student.

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What is Atkt in Mumbai University?

ALLOWED TO KEEP TERMS (ATKT): i) A learner shall be allowed to keep term for Semester II irrespective of grades obtained in each course of Semester I. ii) A learner shall be allowed to keep term for Semester III if he/she passes (grade ‘E’ or above in each course) each of Semester I and Semester II.

What is Atkt Pune University?

Pune: Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has made it clear that students having a backlog of subjects or ATKT (allowed to keep term) are being promoted to higher grade but they will have to appear and clear the examination for these subjects within 120 days of the result.