Question: What is the brown sauce served at Indian restaurants?

Having been impressed with the simplicity and freshness of making mint chutney at home, I decided to tackle the brown sweet and sour condiment that usually sits next to it at most Indian restaurants—sweet tamarind chutney.

What is the brown sauce at Indian restaurants?

Imli (Tamarind) Chutney: Tangy, sweet, smooth, and reddish brown, this is the kind of chutney that people either love or hate, due to the very sour yet incredibly sweet flavor sensation that comes with the territory when eating tamarind.

What is the dark sweet sauce Indian food?

Tamarind chutney is sweet and spicy and tart! It’s the perfect dipping sauce to serve with fried Indian snacks like pakoras or samosas.

What are the sauces that come with samosas?

5 Indian sauces to take your samosa to the next level!

  • Spicy Pudina chutney. Where there is sweet, there must be spicy, and where there is red, there must be green! …
  • Tasty Tomato chutney. …
  • Fiery red garlic chutney. …
  • Golden Aam chutney. …
  • Conclusion.

What is Indian relish called?

Indian relish is a spicy relish used as a condiment or side dish. … Piccalilli is a form of Indian relish popular in England.

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What are the red and green Indian sauces?

Does anyone have an idea what these sauces are called or how they are made? They’re called chutneys. You probably had cilantro or mint chutney (green), a tamarind one (red and sweet), and a red chili one (spicy).

What is the white sauce at Indian restaurants?

If it’s white with chunks of veggies in it, it’s raita. South Indian: If it’s white with a green tinge, it’s prob. an idli chutney (coconut-based). Usually, you put it on rice/papadams/idlies or other dry carbs.

Can you buy tamarind sauce?

You can find tamarind at various kinds of ethnic markets, from well-stocked Asian markets to Indian and Latin markets. If it’s available fresh at your local Asian or Latin grocery store, you can buy that and make your own paste at home.

Is salsa a relish?

Salsas are usually mixtures of raw vegetables and/or fruits. … Sometimes they are made with just fruit and various seasonings. For relishes, the ingredients are usually cut finer and are cooked with a good quantity of sugar or some kind of sweetener. For example, pickle relish.

What can I serve with samosas?

What to serve with samosa? Serve samosa as an appetizer, main dish or snack. They are perfect with yogurt dip, sweet chili sauce or mango chutney. You can serve the stuffing as a curry with basmati rice.

Are samosas healthy?

A new report by Centre for Science and Environment has argued that a samosa is a much healthier snack than a burger. It might be hard to believe but the truth is that eating a samosa is much healthier than eating a burger. At least, that’s what the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has stated in its new report.

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