Quick Answer: Has Sri Lanka won a Test match in India?

The Sri Lankan team won an ODI series against Australia in Australia in 2010. However, they are yet to register a Test match win and an ODI series win against India in India, as of 2017.

How many times Sri Lanka beat India?

In ODI matches, India have played against 19 teams. They have played against Sri Lanka more frequently in ODI matches, with a winning percentage of 61.56 in 90 out of 158 matches. India have defeated Sri Lanka on 90 occasions, which is their best record in ODIs.

Who is No 1 Test team?

ICC Test Championship

Pos Team Points
1 New Zealand 2764
2 India 2987
3 Australia 1844
4 England 3753

Who is the best cricketer in the world?

Men’s ODI Batting Rankings

Pos Player Career Best Rating
1 Babar Azam 873 v England, 13/07/2021
2 Virat Kohli 911 v England, 12/07/2018
3 Rohit Sharma 885 v Sri Lanka, 06/07/2019
4 Ross Taylor 841 v Bangladesh, 05/06/2019

Which team won most t20 matches?

List of top 10 teams with most wins in T20I cricket:

  • Sri Lanka (61 wins)
  • West Indies (63 wins)
  • England (71 Wins)
  • Australia (72 Wins)
  • New Zealand (73 wins)
  • South Africa (76 wins)
  • India (91 wins)
  • Pakistan (105 wins)

Is Sri Lanka an Indian team?

The Indian cricket team left Sri Lanka on Friday (July 30) after having played six limited-overs matches over 45 days. All-rounder Krunal Pandya, however, remained in mandatory isolation in Colombo to recover from COVID-19.

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