Quick Answer: What is the consumption of milk in India?

Characteristic Milk consumption in thousand metric tons
India 81,000

How much milk is consumed daily in India?

The weighted all-India average (rural and urban) daily per capita consumption of milk from the NSO’s HCES was 139.3 ml (or 143.5 grams) in 2004-05 and 154.8 ml (159.4 grams) in 2011-12.

Which country is largest consumer of milk?

This is a list of countries ordered by annual per capita consumption of milk, excluding butter.

List of countries by milk consumption per capita.

Rank 1
Country Finland
Milk consumption 2013 (kg/capita/yr) 430.76
Milk consumption 2007 (kg/capita/yr) 361.19

Which state in India consumes most milk?

As regards Western India, consumption of milk was the highest in Gujarat (242 grams/day/consumer), while it was the lowest in Maharashtra (173 grams) for the purchased urban households. In Southern India, it was highest in Tamil Nadu (189 grams) and the lowest was in Kerala (155 grams).

What is the rank of India in milk production?

In the last three decades, world milk production has increased by more than 59 percent, from 530 million tonnes in 1988 to 843 million tonnes in 2018. India is the world’s largest milk producer, with 22 percent of global production, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil.

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How much milk per day is safe?

Milk consumption is recommended by many nutritional guidelines for meeting daily requirements for calcium, animal proteins and vitamin B12 intake. In the United-States, the national dietary guidelines recommend that adults should drink three cups or 732 mL/d of milk [1].

Do all countries drink milk?

Today, drinking milk is common practice in northern Europe, North America, and a patchwork of other places. There is a biological reason why drinking animal milk is odd. … So the first Europeans who drank milk probably farted a lot as a result.

How bad is milk for you?

Because dairy products contribute to the overall saturated fat, calorie, and cholesterol content of the diet, they also contribute to increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes ). Other studies have shown milk and other dairy products linked to prostate cancer in men and ovarian cancer in women.

In which state milk is popular drink?

Data from the 68th round of the National Sample Survey Organisation’s consumption report released last month shows that Haryana is the number one milk drinking state of India. A family in a Haryana village consumes on average 14.7 litres of milk in a month, more than three times the all India average of 4.3 litres.