Quick Answer: Who sailed Indian Ocean?

The Portuguese discovery of the sea route to India was the first recorded trip directly from Europe to India, via the Cape of Good Hope. Under the command of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, it was undertaken during the reign of King Manuel I in 1495–1499.

Who were the first people to sail in the Indian Ocean?

Early Explorations

Attracted by its treasures, of which spices were most important, the Portuguese were the first Europeans to sail around the Cape of Good Hope and explore the Indian Ocean.

Who sailed the Red Sea?

When the Egyptians Sailed on the Red Sea. On the walls of the Deir el-Bahari temple in Luxor, a certain bas-relief depicts five boats setting sail for the distant land of Punt, ordered by their queen, the powerful Hatshepsut.

Which country is known as land of seven seas?

‘ (Ps. 24:2)? This refers to the seven seas and four rivers that surround the land of Israel.

Why is called Red Sea?

Why is the Red Sea red? The Red Sea’s name is a direct translation of its ancient Greek name, Erythra Thalassa. … A popular hypotheses about the origins of the Red Sea’s name is that it contains a cyanobacteria called Trichodesmium erythraeum, which turns the normally blue-green water a reddish-brown.

Is it safe to cruise in the Red Sea?

The Red Sea Cruise Package

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Safety is, of course, also a priority while cruising. For people who get seasick or experience any other medical issues, there are enhanced medical teams on board as well as designated points of evacuation, Sheraif says.