Quick Answer: Why is India’s inflation high?

The two main drivers for this was a massive spike in edible oil prices (30.84%) as well as an increase in fuel prices (11.58%). The price of pulses—a major part of India’s food basket – also rose by 9.39%. May’s figures were part of a broader trend of rising inflation in India.

What is China’s inflation rate?

Projections by the IMF published in April 2021 expect the inflation rate to reach about 1.2 percent in 2021. The monthly inflation rate in China remained on a low level recently.

Inflation rate in China from 2010 to 2020 with forecasts until 2026.

Characteristic Year-on-year change
2019 2.9%
2018 2.11%
2017 1.56%
2016 2%

Is inflation good or bad?

If you owe money, inflation is a very good thing. If people owe you money, inflation is a bad thing. And the market’s expectations for inflation, rather than Fed policy, have a greater bearing on investments like the 10-year Treasury with a longer time horizon, according to financial advisors.

Which country has no inflation?

In 2020, Qatar ranked 1st with a negative inflation rate of about 2.72 percent compared to the previous year. Due to relatively stagnant worker wages as well as a hesitation from banks to so easily distribute loans to the ordinary citizen, inflation has remained considerably low.

What is inflation rate of India now?

Retail inflation: India’s retail inflation for July at 5.59% – The Economic Times.

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Which country has highest inflation rate?

In 2020, Sudan ranked 3rd with an estimated inflation rate of about 163.26 percent compared to the previous year.

The 20 countries with the highest inflation rate in 2020 (compared to the previous year)

Characteristic Inflation rate compared to previous year
Zimbabwe 557.21%