What are the characteristics of Indian Economy answer?

India, as a developing country, features a mixed economy in the world. The major characteristics of developing economy are low per capita income, overpopulation, maximum population below the poverty line, poor infrastructure, agro-based economy and a lower rate of capital formation.

What are main characteristics of Indian economy?

Characteristic Features of Developing Economies

  • Vicious Circle of Poverty.
  • Nature and Characteristics of Indian Economy.
  • High Level of Population Growth.
  • Perceived (Low) Per Capita Real Income.
  • Prevalence of Unemployment, Underemployment and Disguised Unemployment.

What are characteristics of Indian economy Brainly?

Answer: The basic characteristics of India as a developing economy are: Low per capita income. Occupational pattern – primary producing. Heavy population pressure.

What are the characteristics of economy?

Based on a broad range of input from experts, academics, peers, and public opinion, the Foundation defines inclusive economies by five inter-related characteristics: participation, equity, growth, sustainability, and stability.

What are the two positive features of Indian economy?

1. Low per Capita Income: India’s per capita income is very less as compare to developed countries. 2. Agriculture Based Economy: Agriculture and allied sectors provide around 14.2% of Indian GDP while 53% of total Indian population is based on the agriculture sector.

What are the main character of Indian culture?

Indian culture is unique and variant. It includes intellectual and social aspects of any human being. It also takes account of the aesthetic instinct as well as the spiritual impulses of a human being. India is a vast country with a lot of diversity in her physical and social environment.

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What are the values of India?

Indian Culture

  • Diversity.
  • Pride.
  • Innovativeness.
  • Adaptability.
  • Harmony.
  • Modesty.
  • Light-heartedness.