What does Hindu Kush mean in English?

Following the earliest usage of the term by Ibn Battuta, Hindu Kush is often translated as “Killer of Hindu” or “Hindu Killer” — alluding to the days when slaves from the Indian subcontinent died in the harsh climatic conditions of the Afghan mountains while being taken from India to Turkestan.

How strong is Hindu Kush?

Hindu Kush potency is higher than average. Hindu Kush, also known as “Hindi Kush,” is a pure indica marijuana strain named after the mountain range stretching 500 miles between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated.

Which is the highest peak of Hindu Kush?

Which passes from a route in the Hindu Kush mountain?

These two passes provided the most direct, if difficult, routes across the imposing east–west wall of the Hindu Kush mountains which divide northern Afghanistan or Tokharistan from Kabul province, which is closely connected to southern Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kushan Pass
Location Afghanistan
Range Hindu Kush

What are the 3 ranges of Himalayas?

From west to east the Himalayas are divided broadly into three mountainous regions: western, central, and eastern.

What is Afghanistan famous for?

Afghanistan has a history of more than six thousand years, with many historical sights and attractions, among these are the more than two thousand year old famous Buddha Statues, the tomb of Hazrate Ali (the son in law of Prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h and the fourth caliph of Islam) in Mazar-e Sharif, the beautiful city of …

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