What does set India do?

The channel distributes several uploads daily, and as of August 8, 2021 it is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in both subscribers and video views, gaining over 3 million subscribers and 2.8 billion total views monthly. It is 3rd most-subscribed and the 3rd most-viewed YouTube channel of all time.

How many videos does set India have?

SET India’s Channel Snapshot

SET India’s YouTube Channel has 114,000,000 subscribers with 65,881 videos uploaded so far, the overall channel views are 98B.

How many subscribers does set India have in YouTube?

SET India, short for Sony Entertainment Television recorded over 91 billion views on its YouTube channel as of July 2021. The 24-hour GEC provider hosted popular shows such as Crime Patrol, The Kapil Sharma Show and Indian Idol. The channel had over 108 million subscribers during the same time period.

Why Sony SAB is removed from YouTube?

As per the sources, someone was advertising the wrong cosine website and went live on all the Youtube channels of all Sony TV Entertainment for some hours. … These days Youtbute is banning many channels and videos from its platform due to its norms policy.

Who is the owner of SET India?

How much is T-Series worth?

Well, T-Series reportedly has a net worth of Rs. 24 Arab (2400 Crores) as of July 2019. Although that is a figure that you would expect a company of that size to churn out, it seems like the company is in a whole other league.

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What happened to Sony channel?

On 3 July 2012, Sony Entertainment Television +1 moved to channel 181. The channel was rebranded as Sony Channel on 12 January 2016, but closed on 6 February 2018 to be replaced by Sony Crime Channel on Sky and Virgin Media. The last programme on the channel was an episode of Saving Hope.

Who is the owner of Sony Pictures Networks India?