What gifts did Mother India give to the world?

ANSWER: as mentioned in Naidu’s poems, the rich gifts that mother India gave the world are the raiment, grain and gold. This refers to all the resources from agricultural productions to priceless metals which the foreign colonisers took to their country while they were ruling India.

What according to Mother India were her priceless treasures?

According to Mother India, her priceless treasures are her brave sons (Indian soldiers) who went to the foreign lands for fighting agains the enemies. Most of them sacrificed their lives fighting.

What does Mother India hope for?

She dennes it as her “sad glorious vision.” This suggests that Mother India hopes that her sons would wage a war of independence against the British and free her from the yoke of British rule and that is why her vision is described as “glorious”.

What do gifts symbolize in the poem The Gift of India?

The Gift of India by Sarojini Naidu is a tribute to the contribution of Indian soldiers who fought alongside Britain in World War I. It captures the selfless sacrifices of the Indian soldiers from the perspective of a mother who lost her sons in the war.

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Which field is best in India?

Somebody asked what fields India is better than Western countries on Quora , and here are some of the best answers!

  1. India has the best remote sensing capabilities in the world. …
  2. The Indian space program is one of the world’s most cost effective. …
  3. India’s Thorium based nuclear program is one of the best in the world.

In which India is first in world?

First In The World

The first person to reach Mount Everest Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
The first European to attack India Alexander, The Great
The first European to reach China Marco Polo
The first person to fly aeroplane Wright Brothers
The first person to sail round the world Magellan

What does Mother India say about her sons?

In the poem The Gift of India the lament which Mother India has is that her brave sons, the soldiers, went to the war and died like pearls on the other country and scattered like shells on foreign land.

What makes Mother India proud?

Mother India is exultant and proud while talking of the bravery of her sons. … She pays a glowing tribute to their bravery. She declares that in history no other country than India has made such a priceless gift to any country. The heart of Mother India is heavy with grief at the deaths of her brave sons.

Who is being addressed in the poem The Gift of India?

The poem “The Gift of India’, composed by Sarojini Naidu is a tribute to the Indian soldiers who had sacrificed their lives in the First World War. The speaker of the poem is Mother India herself, who has decided to speak up for the sake of her sons’ honour.

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Is Gift of India Anti War poem?

Although The Gift of India is a patriotic poem but at one point it appears as an anti war poem. Naidu through this poem has depicted the horrors of the war through brutal killings of the Indian soldiers in the First World war.