What happened Bangalore violence?

What happened in Bengaluru violence?

On the night of 11 August and the early hours of 12 August 2020, violent clashes took place in the Indian city of Bangalore, Karnataka.

2020 Bangalore riots
Caused by alleged blasphemous Facebook post on Muhammad
Methods arson stone pelting and assault on police
Death(s) 3 in police firing

Why did Bangalore violence happen?

Bengaluru: Violent protests broke out in eastern Bengaluru on Tuesday night over a Facebook post on Prophet Muhammad allegedly shared by a relative of a Congress MLA. … Section 144 has been imposed in Bengaluru while curfew has been imposed in DJ Halli, KG Halli, and Kaval Byrasandra police station limits.

What was the post of Bangalore violence?

On August 11, a social media post by the nephew of a Congress MLA about the Prophet triggered violence in the eastern part of Bengaluru. Three persons died in police firing after mobs attacked the DJ Halli police station and the home of the Congress MLA, Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy.

What happened in DJ Halli Bangalore?

The violence in DJ Halli and adjoining areas on August 11 was unleashed by hundreds of people over a purportedly inflammatory social media post allegedly put out by a relative of Pulakeshinagar Congress MLA R Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy.

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How many riots are in India?

List of riots in India

Name Year Deaths
1984 Bhiwandi riot May 1984 278
1984 anti-Sikh riots 31 October 1984 − 3 November 1984 3,350-17,000
1985 Gujarat riots 275
1986 Jammu and Kashmir Riots (Including 1986 Anantnag Riots) February–March 1986

How can I check my traffic fines in Bangalore?

Know Your Traffic Violations

  1. A link is provided in the Home page of KarnatakaOne Web Portal at the top left corner of the home page to know your violations as of now.
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  3. Enter New Registration No. …
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What was the communal post in Bangalore?

A Facebook post laced with communal remarks sparked violent clashes in Bengaluru on Tuesday night in which a mob vandalised a police station and the residence of a Congress MLA. Three people have been killed while 60 police personnel have been left injured after being attacked by the mob.

What was the FB post?

Definition: Facebook Posts are public messages posted to a Facebook user’s entire audience or on a specific person’s profile page (or “wall”). Businesses utilize posts to continually provide a presence to their audience and potentially attract new followers.

What happens in KG Halli?

Halli, 138 accused have been booked for the violence at K.G. … Large-scale violence had broken out in the two localities on the night of August 11 over a derogatory social media post against Islam by Navin Kumar, nephew of Pulikeshinagar MLA Akhanda Sreenivasa Murthy. The mob attacked both their houses as well as D.J.

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What is the meaning of DJ Halli?

An argument between residents over a disc jockey (DJ) playing music at a birthday party turned so ugly that people resorted to pelting stones on each other. Six members of a family were injured in the violence and 22 have been booked by police for offences including attempt to murder and rioting.