What is petrol rate in Mumbai?

Parameters Rates/litre
Parameters Rates/litre
1st April Rs.96.96
30th April Rs.96.81
Highest Rate in April Rs.96.96 from 1st to 14th April

What is petrol rate today in Mumbai?

City wise list for Petrol Price

city petrol Price CHANGE
Mumbai 107.26 ₹/L 0.00
Mysore 104.19 ₹/L 0.00
Nagpur 107.01 ₹/L 0.00
Nashik 107.65 ₹/L 0.00

What is the rate of petrol in Maharashtra?

State wise list for Petrol Price

state petrol Price CHANGE
Kerala 101.65 ₹/L 0.00
Madhya Pradesh 109.65 ₹/L 0.00
Maharashtra 107.45 ₹/L 0.00
Odisha 102.04 ₹/L 0.00

Why Mumbai petrol price is high?

Why does Mumbai have a high rate of petrol price? The VAT slab charged by the State Government of Maharashtra is quite high at 39.12%. There are two VAT slabs prevailing in the state now. This is one of the major reasons for a high petrol price in the city.

What is petrol rate in India today?

Petrol costs Rs 101.34 per litre in New Delhi and over Rs 107 per litre in Mumbai. It is retailing at 101.72 per litre in Kolkata and over Rs 99 in Chennai. There are several cities where petrol price remains above Rs 100 per litre.

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What is petrol rate in Pakistan today?

As of now, the new price for petrol will be Rs 118.09 per litre, diesel will be Rs 116.5 per litre in the country. Meanwhile, the prices of kerosene and light-diesel oil (LDO) were increased by Rs 1.39 and Rs 1.27, respectively. The new price of kerosene will be Rs 87.14 and that of LDO will be Rs 84.67.

What is petrol rate today?

Trend of Petrol Price in India for April 2021 (Rates per litre):

Parameters Rates/litre
1st April Rs.90.60
30th April Rs.90.44
Highest Rate in April Rs.90.60 from 1 April to 14 April
Lowest Rate in April Rs.90.44 from 15 April to 30 April

Which city has lowest petrol price in India?

Among all major cities of India, Delhi has the lowest fuel rates— ₹ 81.63 for petrol, ₹ 73.54 for diesel.

How do I calculate petrol cost for a trip?

Fuel consumption calculation

We calculate the total fuel required to cover the distance with your vehicles fuel economy number and then multiply that with the gas price to find the total fuel cost for the trip.

Is Shell petrol better than others India?

Also learnt that the petrol is more costlier that any other brand. I work in Hinjawadi, Pune and have a Shell fuel station there. Have not seen any other around in the city in Deccan, Kothrud, or nearby area for that matter. The fuel station has hardly any vehicle filling in the fuel.