What is the refund policy of Air India?

Does Air India refund money?

“Air India is opening automated refunds in India and abroad. We have cleared about Rs 130 crore of refunds in the previous month and are planning to expedite the process,” the carrier said, as mentioned in a report in The Economic Times.

Is Air India tickets refundable?

As per Air India 24-hour Cancellation policy, passengers can cancel a flight booked on Air India within 24 hours of the purchase. Air India will provide a complete refund of your ticket cost in case the booking was made a week or more prior to the departure date of your Air India flight.

What is cancellation fee in Air India?

Cancellation Charges

Time Period Cancellation charges for International flights
96 hours to 24 hours prior to departure INR 4500/-or its equivalent in local currency + Convenience Fee per Passenger per Segment

How much money is refunded on cancellation of flight ticket?

Fee for tickets cancelled up to two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight will be ₹ 2,250, according to the airlines. A passenger will not get any refund for the bookings cancelled 0-2 hours before scheduled departure, it said.

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Can I cancel a flight and get a refund?

You are entitled to a refund for your canceled flight — even if the airline says you aren’t. … But, here’s the thing: the airline is on the hook for a refund only when it cancels your flight or makes a significant change to your schedule or routing.

How long does it take to get refund from Air India?

Air India Refund Process: Here’s How To Claim Your Refund

The airline has also stated that they will be processing the refund within 21 working days. As per Air India, “The process of refund of tickets issued by travel agents is open.

Are air tickets refundable?

Are Plane Tickets Refundable? The short answer is yes, though each airline can implement a different policy for refunding airfare. Most airlines offer a choice between refundable and non-refundable airline tickets—something a lot of us tend to skip over or overlook altogether.

How do I know if my airline ticket is refundable?

As long as you make sure that the ‘refundable’ filter on the flight search results page is selected and the ‘non-refundable- filter is deselected, you’ll know that all flights displayed are refundable. Some flights may be fully refundable, while others may require a charge by the airline in order to give you a refund.

Can you get a refund on a non-refundable airline ticket in India?

Passengers can now cancel their non-refundable air tickets until two hours before departure and get a refund of taxes, fuel surcharge, passenger service fee and user development fee. … “Air India now charges Rs 150 for cancellation of a domestic ticket.

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How much refund will I get if I cancel my Air India flight?

When you book and ticket a reservation through Air India Reservations, through our website, at a city ticket office, or at an airport ticket office at least 7 days prior to departure,we will allow you to cancel the reservation without penalty and receive a 100% refund if you cancel the reservation within 24 hours of …

What is Q class in Air India?

FR points accruals for different classes are- Effective from 05th November 2017

Eligible Booking Classes Accrual Level as % of Base FR Points
Domestic International
Q 79% 83%
V 75% 79%
W 62% 75%


In aviation, no-show is when a ticketed passenger doesn’t show up for their flight. … If the reservation is not cancelled it may result in a No-show rebooking/refund restrictions may apply for no-show after ticketing. Un-ticketed segments which result in No-Show shall be liable to penalty fees.