What is the salary of Indian President in 2018?

What is the salary of Prime Minister of India?

Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister of India Bhārat ke Pradhānamantri
Unofficial names PM
Deputy Vacant, Deputy Prime Minister of India
Salary ₹280,000 (US$3,900) (per month) ₹3,360,000 (US$47,000) (Annual)
Website pmindia.gov.in

How much is the salary of PM?

The Prime Minister gets only the basic salary of an MP, Rs 1,00,000 per month. Apart from this, the Prime Minister gets an allowance of Rs 2,000 per day, hospitality allowance of Rs 3,000 per day, housing, transport and health facilities at government expense during the session of Parliament.

Who got highest government salary India?

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India after Graduation

  • IFS Officers.
  • State Public Service Commission.
  • Officer in Indian Railways.
  • LIC AAO.
  • RBI Jobs.
  • ISRO/DRDO Jobs.
  • ASO in External Ministry.
  • Professors.

What religion is Prime Minister Modi?

Early life and education. Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 to a Gujarati Hindu family of grocers in Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Bombay State (present-day Gujarat).

What is IAS salary?

According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of any IAS officer is Rs 56100. Many other allowances are also given to IAS officers, including Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance. According to reports, the total salary of an IAS officer is more than Rs 1 lakh per month.

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What is the salary of IPS?

The basic starting pay of an IPS officer is INR 6.73 Lakh per annum.

IPS Salary After 7th Pay Commission.

Rank Salary
Deputy Superintendent of Police INR 56,100
Additional Superintendent of Police INR 67,700
Senior Superintendent of Police INR 78,800
Deputy Inspector General of Police INR 1,31,100

What is a pilot salary in India?

The average salary of pilots in India is INR 16 Lakh per annum. The average salary of pilots may range from INR 1.21 Lakhs per annum to INR 90 Lakhs per annum. The bonus ranges from around INR 10,000 to INR 9.86 Lakhs per annum.

What is Indian MLA salary?

Several BJP, Congress and regional party ruled states provide much more monthly salaries to their MLAs, even though living costs in Delhi are higher than most parts of India, the Delhi government said citing examples of Uttarakhand ( ₹1.98 lakh), Himachal Pradesh ( ₹1.9 lakh), Haryana ( ₹1.55 lakh), Bihar ( ₹1.3 lakh), …

Which job has highest salary in world?

Top highest paying jobs in the world

  • Anaesthesiologist.
  • Surgeon.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Physician.
  • Senior Software Engineer.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Data Scientist.

Which govt officer gets highest salary?

Here are 15 of the highest paying government jobs in India (in no particular order):

  • IAS Officer. …
  • ISRO Scientist. …
  • Flying Officer in Defense Services. …
  • Government Doctor. …
  • IPS Officer. …
  • Professor in Government Universities. …
  • Bank PO (Probationary Officer) …
  • Indian Foreign Services.