What vegetables are native to India?

Vegetable Hindi name Likely time of introduction
Okra Bhindi 100-500 CE
Onion Pyaaz Unknown, but present by 500 BCE
Potato Aloo 1600 CE
Sweet Potato Shakarkand 1600 CE)

What foods are native to India?

The Indian subcontinent is place of origin to one of the widest arrays of foods ranging from varieties of rice, millets and pulses among food grains to sugarcane, bananas and plantains, mangoes, lemons, and various tubers like taro and yams.

Which vegetable was introduced to India by whom?

It also adds freshness to Indian salads. Just as potato, this humble vegetable has also its origin in South America. It is likely that early Portuguese traders introduced the vegetable to India.

What vegetables are not native to India?

Three Most Consumed Non-Native Vegetables in India

  • Potato. The most popular among vegetables, potato, has its root in South America. …
  • Tomato. This flavorful, tangiest delight first originated in western South America and Central America. …
  • Chili pepper. Most people mistake Chili pepper to have originated from India.

What fruit is native to India?

Fruit origins

Fruit Hindi Name Origin
Apple Seb Central Asia (Kazakhstan)
Mango Aam India
Mulberry Shehtoot/Toot Temperate regions worldwide
Orange Santara India
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Is potato native to India?

It was introduced in India by the Portuguese sailors during early 17th century and it’s cultivation was spread to North India by the British. Potato is one of main commercial crop grown in the country. It is cultivated in 23 states in India.

Can a Hindu eat pork?

Pigs. are not forbidden by Hinduism except by those sects that ban all meat. Some regions do not eat pork due to lingering influence of Mughal (Muslim) rule. On the other hand not much pork is consumed in India except in a few areas that traditionally hunted wild boar or are near the border with China.

Why is Indian food so diverse?

The food eaten in different parts of India is shaped by geography and climate: providing a varying array of ingredients for people to eat at different times of the year; and history: of trade and migration, evidence of the many cultures and peoples who brought new foods to India which have since been incorporated into …

Which fruit is not originally from India?

Custard Apple. Sorry Gujaratis, we love your seetaphal ice-cream but the custard apple is not an Indian fruit by leaps and bounds. It is a tropical fruit that originated in the West Indies and then possibly moved to Africa in the 17th century. After that it was brought to India, possibly by the Portuguese.

Is Apple native to India?

Apple was introduced into the country by the British in the Kullu Valley of the Himalayan State of H.P. as far back as 1865, while the colored ‘Delicious’ cultivars of apple were introduced to Shimla hills of the same State in 1917.


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State Uttar Pradesh
Apple (1995-96) 55200
Pear (1992-93) 10550

Are bananas native to India?

Banana evolved in the humid tropical regions of S.E. Asia with India as one of its centres of origin. Modern edible varieties have evolved from the two species – Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana and their natural hybrids, originally found in the rain forests of S.E. Asia.

Is cabbage native to India?

It is descended from the wild cabbage (B. oleracea var. oleracea), and belongs to the “cole crops” or brassicas, meaning it is closely related to broccoli and cauliflower (var. botrytis); Brussels sprouts (var.


Cabbage production – 2018
Country Production (millions of tonnes)
China 33.2
India 9.0
Russia 2.5