Where can we eat Rojak in India?

What is Indian Rojak called?

Rojak (Malay spelling) or rujak (Indonesian spelling) is a salad dish of Javanese origin, commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


Alternative names Lotis; Rujak
Serving temperature Fresh in room temperature
Main ingredients Fruits, vegetables, palm sugar, peanuts and chilli dressing.

What is Paru in Indian Rojak?

We orders Hotdog, Paru (Beef Lung), Fish Cake, Fish Fillet, Potato, Wadeh, and Dough with Egg. So that makes 7 items on each plate x 2 plates. And this is what it looked like what they arrived.

Is Indian rojak healthy?

Indian Rojak (116g) – Batter with prawn shell, deep fried

Comment : This snack should be eaten occasionally as it is high in energy, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Where did Indian rojak originate from?

What is Rojak Mamak?

In Malaysia, mamak rojak (or Pasembur) contains fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts, and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut sauce.

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