Which city in India is City of Lakes?

Picturesque and elegant, Udaipur is known by many names, including “the City of Lakes”. Undoubtedly one of India’s most romantic cities, it nestles between the glassy waters of its famous lakes and the ancient Aravelli Hills.

Which state is City of Lakes in India?

Which is City of Lakes Bhopal or Udaipur?

The option for the question – Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh and Udaipur in Rajasthan are both known by which of these names? The answer is ‘City of Lakes‘.

Which is known as City of Lakes Why?

Bhopal, known as the City of Lakes, has natural as well as man-made lakes. The two main lakes, known as the Upper and the Lower Lake, were constructed in the 11th century and the city has since grown around them.

Which city is known as Golden City?

Jaisalmer– It is called the “Golden City” because the yellow golden sand gives a golden shadow to the city and its neighbouring areas. The town also stands on a fold of yellowish sandstone, crowned by a fort, picturing the town “Yellow” or “Golden”.

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