Which is ancient city in India?

1. Varanasi. Varanasi, popularly known as the City of Lights or Kashi, is a sacred city on the west bank of the River Ganga. It is said to be one of the oldest cities in India whose history goes back over 3000 years.

Which is example of ancient town in India?

Ayodhya. Known as the birthplace of Rama in the Ramayana, Ayodhya is situated on the banks of the Sarayu River and was known as a major trade and religious centre of ancient India. Some of the key places in the city include Guptar Ghat, Treta Ke Thakur, Mausoleum of Bahu Begum and Gulab Bari.

Which is the ancient state in India?

Kamarupa, also called Kamrup or Kamata, ancient Indian state corresponding roughly to what is now the state of Assam, in northeastern India.

Which is known as City of Lakes?

Picturesque and elegant, Udaipur is known by many names, including “the City of Lakes”. Undoubtedly one of India’s most romantic cities, it nestles between the glassy waters of its famous lakes and the ancient Aravelli Hills.

Which city is known as Ancient city?

Jericho, a city in the Palestine territories, is a strong contender for the oldest continuous settlement in the world: it dates back to around 9,000 B.C., according to Ancient History Encyclopedia.

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Who is first king of India?

Ans: Chandragupta Maurya was the first king/ruler of Ancient India.

Which is coldest city in India?

Leh. No doubt, Leh is one of the coldest places to visit in India. Perched in the newly formed Union Territory of Ladakh, the temperature is known to drop to as less as -13 degrees Celsius!