Which is the oldest football cup in India?

The Durand Football Tournament, also known as Durand Cup, is an annual domestic football competition in India which was first held in 1888 in Annadale, Shimla.

Is Durand Cup the oldest football tournament in India?

The legacy of this historic tournament, named after Sir Henry Mortimer Durand was to encourage the value of sports as a means to maintain health among the British Indian Army slowly became the 3rd oldest existing professional club football in the world and the Oldest existing football tournament in Asia.

Which is the oldest football tournament?

Association Football

Year (Date) Competition Notes & references
1886 Scottish Junior Cup
1887 Aberdeenshire Cup Claims to be second oldest association football tournament in the world.
1888 English Football League Oldest association football league.
1888 Durand Cup Oldest football tournament in Asia.

What is the oldest football code in the world?

Invented in Melbourne in the late 1850s and codified in 1859, Australian Rules is the oldest code of football in the world. In this period each of the British schools and universities played by its own rules, and the codification of Rugby Union, Association soccer and Gaelic football was several decades away.

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