Which is the oldest physiographic division of India and why?

The peninsular plateau was formed due to the drift of the Gondwana landmass. Hence, it is the oldest landmass.

Which is the oldest physiographic division?

The oldest physiographic division of India is the peninsular plateau and the youngest physiographic division of india are the northern plains.

Why is peninsular plateau the oldest landmass Class 9?

The Peninsular plateau is a tableland composed of the old crystalline, igneous and metamorphic rocks. It was formed due to the breaking and drifting of the Gondwana land and thus, making it a part of the oldest landmass. The plateau has broad and shallow valleys and rounded hills.

Which is oldest part of India?

The Peninsular plateau.

  • The peninsular plateau was one of the parts of the gondwana landmass which drifted away.
  • Hence, it is the oldest landmass of the indian subcontinent.

What are the six physical division of India?

They are:

  • The Great Mountains of the north.
  • The north Indian plain.
  • The Peninsular Plateau.
  • The coastal plains.
  • The Islands.

Which are the main physiographic division of India?

They are: The great Himalayas, the northern plains, the peninsular plateau, the coastal plains, the Indian desert, and the Islands. All the physiographic divisions are different from each other in various contexts.

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What are the 6 relief features of India?


  • the himalayas.
  • the indo – gangetic plain.
  • the peninsular plateau.
  • the costal plains.
  • the desert(thar)
  • the island.

Which is the largest physiographic unit of India?

Explanation: Himalayas and Deccan plateau are the largest physiographic units of India.

What if there was no variation in the physiography of India?

What if there was no variation in the physiography of India? Ans: – If there was no diversity in the environment, creation would have stopped variety is the source of life. … There is also a need for familiarity with the environment. Because the earth is diverse, so there is life everywhere.

Why Peninsular plateau is oldest?

Peninsular plateau is the oldest landmass because Over 200 million years ago Gondwana land was split into pieces and the indian peninsular plate collided with the much larger eurasian plate.

Which is the ancient land block in India?

Answer: Deccan plateau is the old land block in India. Its is present in the southern India. The plateau is situated between two mountain ranges the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats.

Which Indian landmass is made of volcanic deposition?

1) The Decan Trap is the Indian landmass which is made out of volcanic eruption and deposition. This Decan Trap was formed millions of years ago,by significant amount of volcanic activities.