Which is the smallest island country in the Indian Ocean?

The archipelago of Maldives encompasses an area of roughly 298 square km including 26 atolls stretching from Addu City in the south to Ihavandhippolhu Atoll in the north. It is the smallest country in Asia by size and has one of the most widely distributed territories in the world.

How many islands are in the Indian Ocean?

Of the 36 islands on the atolls, only 10 (Minicoy, Kalpeni, Andrott, Agatti, Kavaratti, Amini, Kadamat, Chetlat, Kiltan, and Bitra) are inhabited.

Laccadive-Chagos ridge.

Name of island Cocos–Keeling islands
Position 12°00′S, 96°56′E
Location South east Indian Ocean
Geomorphology Atoll

Which is the biggest island in Indian Ocean?

The largest island in the Indian Ocean is?

  • Madagascar.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Sumatra.
  • Maldives.

What is the cheapest island to visit?

6 of the Cheapest Islands to Visit Around the World

  • Boracay Island, Philippines, Asia. …
  • Zanzibar City, Tanzania, Africa. …
  • Cozumel, Mexico, South America. …
  • Kos Island, Greece, Europe. …
  • Aruba, Caribbean. …
  • Martinique, Caribbean.

What are the three largest islands in the Indian Ocean?

The Largest Islands in the Indian Ocean

Rank Island Area (sq km)
1 Madagascar 587,041
2 Sri Lanka 65,610
3 Grande Terre 6,675
4 Nias 5,121
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