Which is vice capital of India?

Nagpur is located at the exact centre of the Indian subcontinent, close to the geometric center of the quadrilateral connecting the four major metros of India, viz.

Which is the second capital city of India?

The English rulers considered Nagpur as the centre of India and hence identified this point and constructed the Zero Mile Stone. Being at the center of the country, they also had a plan to make Nagpur the second capital city.

What is the vice capital city of India?

Delhi is capital city of India. It is located in north India but it is too far from southern region. So Hyderabad can be second capital because it is located in southern India.

What was the first capital of India?

In December 1911 King George V of Britain decreed that the capital of British India would be moved from Calcutta (which is today called Kolkata) to Delhi. Construction began in 1912 at a site about 3 miles (5 km), south of the Delhi city centre, and the new capital was formally dedicated in 1931.

What were the capitals of India?

Who is the Indian king?

King Ashoka is considered to be one of the greates ruler of India. He expanded the reign of Maurya dynasty in most of Indian continent. The Maurya Empire was the first major Indian empire and also the largest created by Indian dynasty.

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