Which pass was opened between India and China for trade?

Nathu La is one of the three open trading border posts between China and India; the others are Shipkila in Himachal Pradesh and Lipulekh (or Lipulech) at the trisection point of Uttarakhand–India, Nepal and China.

Is nakula pass and Nathula pass same?

Nakula is located about 40 km from the popular tourist hamlet of Lachen in North Sikkim. It is about 20 km from the popular tourist spot of Muguthang, famous for its Oxbow lake. … The closest border, Nathula in East Sikkim, is 62 km from Gangtok, which also has a trijunction area between China, India and Bhutan.

When did Nathula Pass open?

The Nathu La Pass was reopened in 2006 and since then, it has served as an official Border Personnel Meeting(BPM) Point. Since it is one of the three open trading border posts between India and China, Nathu La Pass has played a key role in the Sino-Indian Trade.

Which day Nathula pass is closed?

The Nathula Pass stays fully closed for tourists usually on Mondays and Tuesdays. However, on other days of the week, the pass is closed by 1:30 pm.

Is India China border fenced?

The geographical conditions on Sino-Indian border don’t allow fencing on border. The border between India & China is Himalayan region full of mountains, with passes in between. It is illogical trying to fence such an area. Also there is no such problem of illegal migrants from Tibet to India.

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