Who is the most paid actress in India?

Who is the richest actress in India 2019?

Top 10 Richest Actresses In Bollywood

  • Anushka Sharma. …
  • Priyanka Chopra. …
  • Katrina Kaif. …
  • Shraddha Kapoor. …
  • Kriti Sanon. …
  • Madhuri Dixit. …
  • Sonakshi Sinha. …
  • Jacqueline Fernandez. Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez made an income of Rs 9.5 crores in 2019.

Who is the No 1 actress in India?

Star Power Actress

Rank Celebrity No. of Movies
01 Kajol 1
02 Shraddha Kapoor 2
03 Disha Patani 1
04 Sara Ali Khan 1

Who is the costly actress in Bollywood?

1-Kangana Ranaut — 27 Crores {$3.5 Million}

Kangana Ranaut is a household name and a very popular Bollywood figure today. She is an incredible actress with many memorable performances to her account.

Who is the poorest actress in India?

Here are the list of celebrities who faced bankruptcy.

  • Shweta Basu Prasad. …
  • Parveen Babi. …
  • Mitali Sharma. …
  • Satish Kaul. …
  • Geetanjali Nagpal. She has walked down the ramp with Sushmita Sen. …
  • Raj Kiran. He started his acting career in 1970. …
  • Achala Sachdev. Achala started her acting career in childhood only. …
  • Vimi.

Who is the hottest actress in India 2020?

List of top Bollywood hottest body

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No. Hottest Bollywood actresses Body measurement in inches (bust-waist-hip)
1 Deepika Padukone 34-27-36
2 Disha Patani 33-25-33
3 Kangana Ranaut 34-25-34
4 Priyanka Chopra 35-28-35

Who is richer Deepika or Katrina?

According to Forbes, Deepika is India’s most expensive actress with a current brand value of $ 50 million. … Katrina Kaif: She is yet another very talented and beautiful actress of Bollywood. Katrina Kaif total net worth in 2021 is $30million (210 crores and more). Her annual earnings are more than 10 crores.

Who is most loved actress in India?

List Of Most Popular Actress In India 2021

Ranking Most Popular Actress In India
1 Priyanka Chopra
2 Deepika Padukone
3 Kareena Kapoor Khan
4 Katrina Kaif

Who is No 1 heroine in world?

Deepika Padukone was chosen as India’s Heroine No. 1 by 16 per cent those polled in the recent MOTN. Priyanka Chopra is close at second spot with 14 per cent votes, while Katrina Kaif takes the third rank with 13 per cent votes. Aishwarya Bachchan ranks fourth in the list with 10 per cent votes.

Who is the lowest paid actress in Bollywood?

But who is the lowest paid? Well, as per a list in starbiz.com published in 2020, Tara Sutaria is among the lowest. She reportedly charges Rs 1 crore.