Who is the owner of Psbb school in Chennai?

The PSBB Millennium School
Founder Mr.Shantanu Prakash
President Mr.Sharad Agarwal
Dean Mrs Rajalakshmi
Principal Mrs Bhavani Bhaskar

Who owns Psbb school now?

Y.G. Parthasarathy, the Dean and Director of Padma Seshadri Group of schools has been a guiding force behind the enviable success and reputation for excellence of this great educational institution.

Who is Ygp Psbb?

She was the founder and dean of the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan.

Born Rajalakshmi27 November 1925 British India
Died 6 August 2019 (aged 93) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Education University of Madras
Occupation Educationist, journalist and social worker

Who is Sheila Rajendran?

PSBBSS correspondent Sheila Rajendran, who also held the posts of deputy dean and director of the school, became the sixth person to be arrested in connection with the incident. Sheila was placed under arrest and produced before a Magistrate.

Is Psbb a Hindu school?

There is no other way to dice this: The DMK and the Dravidian sections, as we stated earlier, have no love lost for the stature of PSBB School as a pre-eminent educational institution in Tamil Nadu. As a school, PSBB has not shied away from being unapologetically Hindu.

Who is YG Mahendran daughter?

Who is YG Mahendran wife?

Who is YG Mahendran father?

Who is YG Parthasarathy?

Parthasarathy. Yecha Gunja Parthasarathy (born Y G Parthasarathy; 30 September 1917 – 1990) was a Tamil playwright, drama troupe owner and film actor who founded the drama troupe United Amateur Artistes (UAA) along with his friend Padmanabhan in 1952. Veteran Actress Vyjayanthimala is his niece. …

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What is the issue with PSBB school?

The authorities of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, a school in Chennai, were questioned for three hours by the Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Children’s Rights. This was after a teacher of the school, G Rajagopalan was arrested for sexually abusing the students.

What happened PSBB?

What happened at PSBB? Several screenshots evidencing harassment and sexually inappropriate behaviour by the teacher had been doing rounds on social media with a growing clamour of immediate and responsible action against all involved.