Why do Indian parents love science?

Why do Indian parents force science?

Everyone treated and still holds medical professionals as GODs, this made Indian parents to dream of making their child a Doctor. An underdeveloped country like India, tried to go hand in hand with developing countries like USA & UK. This increased industrialization in India and thus the demand for engineers increased.

Why are Indian parents obsessed with marks?

Regardless, Indian parents and society are completely obsessed with their children’s scores. … Because the higher the score their kid is able to score, the more capable and intelligent they’re considered to be. It’s a competition in the society and a thing to be very proud of, score.

Why do Indian parents force marriage?

When women in India cross a certain age, they are emotionally blackmailed or forced into marriage while in this things where many women has their aims and goals or wants to pursue higher education their parents starts forcing them for getting married and many of them leaves their dreams incomplete for their parents …

Why are Indian parents against gaming?

The study showcased that Indian parents also have many fears concerning online gaming. Their fears are not unwarranted, as many parents found that online gaming can hamper the child’s academic performance. Most parents (76.1 per cent) also felt that their child’s online gaming habits caused frustration in the family.

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Is Indian parenting good?

They keep themselves updated about the child’s academic as well as their social life. … So, not only does Indian parenting promote respect for others and their values, it also brings up a more successful child.

Why do Indian parents glorify grades?

Because Indian parents are superfluously concerned with appearing respectable in society over their child’s happiness. They like to boast to their friends that their son or daughter is a straight A student, as it reflects positively on them as well.

How can I face my parents after a bad result?

How to Talk to Your Parents about a Bad Grade

  • Don’t cave in to the temptation to lie. …
  • Get it over with as soon as possible. …
  • Imagine the worst possible outcome. …
  • Expect disappointment. …
  • Present an overall picture of your grades. …
  • If you have older siblings, ask them for tips. …
  • Show remorse.

Can your parents force you to marry Islam?

All Sunni/Shia schools of thought agree that forced marriages are strictly forbidden in Islam, as Islamic marriages are contracts between two consenting parties referred to as mithaq.