Why does Chennai receive less rain than Thiruvananthapuram although it has more rainy days?

Chennai receives rain from northeast monsoons during October-November which is not very strong hence gives less rain whereas Thiruvananthapuram Kerala receives very heavy rain from southwest monsoon which are much more powerful. It also gets some rain from the retreating Monsoon.

Why Chennai has more rainy months but less rainfall than Mumbai?

Ans. Chennai lies on the leeward side of the Western Ghats and far away from the Western coast. … This branch of monsoon moves parallel to the Chennai coast . As a result, Chennai gets low rainfall from the Southwest monsoon.

Why does Chennai have less rainfall?

Chennai lies on the eastern coast of India. … Chennai mainly receives rain in the winter months from the retreating monsoon and north eastern monsoon branch,which blow from land to sea hence they are dry. When they pass over adjoining water body they cause very little rain fall which Chennai mainly receives.

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Why does Chennai receives less rainfall through SW monsoon?

The Arabian Sea branch of South West Monsoons strike west ghats, first. After crossing, west ghats, these winds descend down the leeward slope of west ghats where they do not give much rain. … So, these winds give less rainfall in Chennai. S.W.

Why is July rain in Mumbai than in Thiruvananthapuram?

Both Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram receive rainfall from South West Monsoons in Summer. South West Monsoons reach Thiruvananthapuram by 1st of June. But in July, there is a break in monsoons thereby reducing rainfall. … Hence, July is rainier in Mumbai.

Why Chennai has more rains only?

(ii)Chennai receives most of its rainfall from the north-east’ monsoon, which gives rains mostly from October to December, and not the south-west monsoon. That is why Chennai gets most of its rainfall later than most other parts of the country. … No monsoon winds are able to reach it.

What is monsoon burst?

Burst of the monsoon is the sudden increase in the normal rainfall which would last for several days constantly. Due to the high intensity of rainfall, it may cause harm to our livelihood, farmers, crops, and properties.

Why Chennai gets less rainfall than Mangalore?

As Southwest monsoon winds blow over Mangalore it gets blocked by western ghats and as it lies in windward side, it gets copious rainfall. Western ghats is the sole reason for Mangalore receiving more rainfall than Chennai!

Why Kerala receives more rain than Delhi?

Answer: since much of the moisture winds which blow from the Arabian sea are blocked by the Western Ghats and causes rainfall over that area or Kerala and then these Indian these winds move further towards the North India or delhi that’s why Kerala receives rainfall much earlier than Delhi.

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Why Shillong gets less rainfall than Cherrapunji?

It receives rain from the South West Monsoon Bay of Bengal Branch as it is in the Pathway of these winds. … Shillong is located on the upper (leeward) side of the Garo-Khasi-Jaintia hills, which is a rain shadow area and hence receive less than 200cms of rainfall in a year.

Which monsoon gives rainfall to Chennai?

The North-east dry Monsoon winds blow over the Bay of Bengal during winter. – As they pass over the Bay of Bengal they develop moisture and bring rain to the Tamil Nadu coast. As now they are under the influence of on-shore winds, they are full of moisture. Chennai is located on the eastern coast.

Which state receives the lowest rainfall due to southwest monsoon?

Chennai receives the lowest rainfall during the South-West Monsoon. Reasons: ​Chennai is located near the equator and the sea, making the climate hot and humid. It is located on the Coromandal coast and the Bay of Bengal branch of the South-West Monsoon passes parallel to the coast.

Why is that India gets abundant rainfall and still is a thirsty land?

Answer: This is because the rainfall is not even at all the places that is why some areas in India receive scanty rainfall and some receive more rainfall.

Which of the following is the rainiest station?

Answer : (i) Shillong and Mumbai are the rainiest stations of India. Shillong is a hill station in northeast India and capital of the state of Meghalaya.

Why does Mumbai receive heavy rainfall?

Mumbai receives more rainfall than Pune as it is situated on the coast and Pune is inland. Mumbai lies on the windy side of Western Ghats while Pune is situated on the sheltered side. Thus, option (D) is correct.

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