You asked: How is road from Bangalore to Hampi?

Hampi is about 343 km away from Bengaluru and can be reached in five to six hours, depending on the flow of traffic. One can opt to travel via NH7 and Bellary road – Anantapur Road or via NH4 and Bellary – Hiriyur Road. … However, if you want a pocket-friendly journey, it’s best to travel by bus.

Is Hampi safe to travel alone?

Hampi is a fabulous place for solo travellers.

As far as solo female travellers are concerned, being cautious is the basic rule to follow in any part of the world. Yes, Hampi is pretty safe.

Is Hampi safe at night?

Hampi is better explored during daytime. Night is a good option too,but with adequate safety precautions. If you wish to explore Hampi at night,it is advisable to stay in Hampi itself since Hospet is about 13 kms away.

Is 2 days enough for Hampi?

Ideally hampi can be covered in 2 days(1 day for town side and 1 day for hippie Island). But I would suggest to spend atleast 3 days. The town side has most attractions, but can be covered in a day if started early.

What is there to do in Hampi at night?

Major attractions of the ‘Hampi by Night’ tour

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Among the monuments and temples that are a part of the Hampi by Night tour are the Virupaksha Temple, Sugriva caves, Vishnu Temple, the ancient bridge, Achyutaraya Temple, Varaha Temple, Narasimha temple, Achyuta Mantap, elephant stables, and the Lotus Mahal.

In which state Hampi is located?

Can you wear shorts in Hampi?

No dress code in Hampi or places around. But I was just doing some research and came across an update that no shorts skits shoulder less dresses are allowed and if someone is wearing it, they have to buy some shawl or whit cloth from shops there.

How long does it take to see Hampi?

You will need a minimum of two full days to get a flavour of Hampi. You could get an orientation at the ASI museum at Kamlapur to decide which places you would want to see. There is nice walk from Virupaksha temple to the Vithala Temple complex which could form the bare minimum of sites.

How much does it cost to go to Hampi?

The cost of package on a single occupancy basis is ₹ 13,530 per person; ₹ 11,770 on double occupancy, and ₹ 11,300 per person on a triple occupancy basis. The cost of a child between the age of 5 and 11 years is ₹ 11,290 with bed, and ₹ 10,040 without bed, according to IRCTC Tourism’s website.

Are tourists allowed in Hampi?

HUBBALLI: After a gap of two months, the world heritage site Hampi opened its doors to tourists from Thursday. … Firstly it’s now been made mandatory for the tourists to carry a government issued identity card with them. This apart, a health check up van will be stationed at Hampi for the benefit of the visitors.

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