You asked: Is Raya an Indian princess?

The film is a landmark moment for Southeast Asian representation in Hollywood: Raya is Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess, and is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, the first Southeast Asian actor to lead an animated feature from the studio.

What ethnicity is Raya?

Finally, that’s changing. Raya is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, who is Vietnamese American. The film is inspired by diverse Southeast Asian cultures. The screenplay was written by Qui Nguyen and Adele Lim, who both trace their roots back to Southeast Asia.

Is Raya a indian Disney Princess?

Set in the fantasy world of Kumandra, it’s the first Disney adventure inspired by Southeast Asian culture. … Like the Polynesian protagonist of the last, Raya too is a Disney Princess — and the first of Southeast Asian origin.

Which Disney Princess is Indian?

Pocahontas became the first Native American Disney Princess and the first woman of color to be the lead character in a Disney film. As of 2014, she remains the only Disney Princess to be based on a historical figure.

Is Raya Japanese or Chinese?

RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: The animated feature film “Raya And The Last Dragon” has been praised for celebrating Southeast Asian culture. It’s now in theaters and streaming on Disney+. The lead character Raya is introduced as Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess.

Is Raya The last dragon in Vietnamese?

Raya and the Last Dragon was co-written by Vietnamese-American screenwriter Qui Nguyen and Malaysian screenwriter Adele Lim. … Based on Nguyen, he evidently did create a character that resembles his Vietnamese heritage. Nguyen adds, “In Vietnamese culture, there’s this really famous story of the Trung Sisters.

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