Your question: How can I get rupee symbol in Whatsapp?

What is the symbol of 1 rupee?

On 15 July 2010, India introduced a new currency symbol, the Indian rupee sign, .

Rupee sign.

Rupee sign
Different from
Different from U+09F3 ৳ BENGALI RUPEE SIGN (Bangladeshi taka) U+20B9 ₹ INDIAN RUPEE SIGN (HTML ₹ ) (Indian rupee) U+0BF9 ௹ TAMIL RUPEE SIGN (Sri Lankan rupee alternative sign)

How do I get the rupee symbol on my Iphone keyboard?

Rupee symbol is available as part of the platform itself. Go to Edit > Special Characters > Currency Symbols.

What is the shortcut key of Indian Rupee symbol?

With the Windows update, it is now possible to use alt code text entry to obtain the Indian Rupee symbol: Alt + 8 3 7 7 . On systems running Windows 8 or later, the symbol can be typed using the English (India) keyboard layout with the key combination AltGr + 4 .

How can I add Indian rupee symbol in Windows 7?

Open any editor, select “English-India” and type Rupee symbol using AltGr(Right-Alt)+4.

How do I download and install the rupee font?

Method 2: Manual Install

  1. First download the rupee font from the above given links.
  2. click on Start button and open Control Panel.
  3. Open Fonts.
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded font file in the Fonts folder.
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Which country currency symbol is this?

List of Currency Symbols

Country and Currency Currency Code Font: Code2000
Euro Member Countries EUR
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Pound FKP £
Fiji Dollar FJD $
Ghana Cedi GHS ¢