Your question: How is the longitudinal spread in India?

Firstly, the wide latitudinal extension of nearly 30 degrees results into wide variation in the climates. The southern part of India receives more sunlight than northern part which results into diversity of flora and fauna in our country. For example: In north we get tea, apples, dry fruits and medicinal plants etc.

How is the longitudinal spread of India advantage to her?

Answer : The long latitudinal spread of India provides for diversity in climate, vegetation, land-forms and cultures. Hence, it provides for alternating farming seasons in the north and south, and is conducive to the growth of diverse crops and plants.

What is longitudinal expansion India?

The longitudinal extent of India is 68 degrees 7′ E and 97 degrees 25′ E whereas the latitudinal extent of India is 8 degree 4′ N and 36 degrees 7′ N. The latitudinal extent influences the duration of day and night as one moves from south to north.

Why India has a long coastline?

Explain. Answer: The Deccan Peninsula protrudes into the Indian Ocean, thus helping India to establish close contact with West Asia, Africa and Europe from the Western coast and with South-East Asia and East Asia from the Eastern coast. …

How is India’s longitudinal spread important?

This spread of this extension is advantageous to the country in the following ways : … (ii)The latitudinal extension is responsible for large variations in land forms, soil types and vegetation in the country. (iii)Different types of forests are found in the country due to the north-south latitudinal extension.

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What do u mean by longitudinal extent?

of or relating to longitude or length: longitudinal measurement. extending in the direction of the length of a thing; running lengthwise: a thin, longitudinal stripe. Zoology. pertaining to or extending along the long axis of the body, or the direction from front to back, or head to tail.

Is the longitudinal extent of Brazil is less than India?

The longitudinal extent of Brazil is more than India. The longitudinal extent of India is approximately 30 degrees where the same of Brazil is 39 degrees.

Is India has long coastline?

Explain. Answer:India has the longest coastline on the Indian Ocean. This long coastline (7,517 km) has given a tremendous boost to India’s maritime trade. Almost 90% of India’s international trade is carried on through sea.