Your question: What is a 1947 Indian motorcycle worth?

Excellent $41,070
Very Good $21,850
Good $15,200
Fair $12,860
Poor $8,665

How much is a 1942 Indian motorcycle worth?


1942 Indians as a Collection: Buy Now: $105,000 Price Range: $85,000-$97,000 OBO
Indian 4 and Sidecar SOLD SOLD
Indian Chief $ 47,250 $44,750
Indian Sport Scout SOLD SOLD
Indian Jr Scout $ 28,250 $ 26,500

Do Indian Motorcycles have good resale value?

By brand, according to data compiled by the Kelley Blue Book Official Motorcycle Guide, Harley-Davidson motorcycles retained an average of 84% of their value over a five-year period. BMW was not far behind, at 81%, with Indian, Ducati and Triumph trailing slightly at 77%, 73% and 72%.

Are Indian Motorcycles good?

Indian Motorcycles are worth the money because, with Polaris behind them, Indians are among the highest performing bikes on the market and have a unique style with attention to quality. With routine maintenance and regular service, Indian motorcycles are reliable and hold their value.

How much is a 1999 Indian Chief worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $24,000 $5,715
Options (Change)
Total Price $24,000 $5,715

What is blue book of bike in India?

Indian Blue Book or IBB is the industry first pricing guide for vehicle valuation in India. With exclusive access to a large number of car transactions that take place every day through different channels, IBB derives scientific & insightful inferences that lead to vehicle price discovery.

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