Your question: What is the wait time for EB3 India?

In April 2020, about 70% of the employment-based backlog was from India. Despite the forward movement of “dates of filing,” in fiscal year 2021, Indian nationals in the EB-2 and EB-3 categories face an average wait time of about 84 years according to certain estimates from the Cato Institute.

How long does EB3 take to process?

How Long Does It Take to Get an EB-3 Visa? On average, it takes six months to process Form I-140. If the US government requires that you go through PERM Labor Certification, it can take longer. In some cases, it can take up to two years.

When EB3 will become current for India?

August 2021 Visa Bulletin: Strong Advancement in EB-3 India and EB-2 China, Modest Movement Across Most Other Employment-Based Categories. EB-1 China and EB-1 India will remain current. EB-2 China will advance by four months to April 1, 2018, and EB-2 India will remain at June 1, 2011.

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Will EB3 India move forward in 2021?

The cutoff date for EB-3 India has moved from January 1, 2013, in June 2021, to July 1, 2013, in August 2021. This is a welcome advancement of six months. For China, the date has remained the same as July 2021 visa bulletin, the cutoff date continues to be January 1, 2019. 4.

How do I check my EB3 status?

How to Check USCIS Case Status Online

  1. Go to my USCIS Case Status Search Case Status Online.
  2. Enter your 13-digit receipt number in box below “Enter your receipt number”.
  3. Click on the “Check Status” button and wait.
  4. Once the page refreshes you will see information about your case.

Can you work while waiting for EB3?

The EB-3 is an immigrant visa, granting permanent residence to whoever holds it. The H-1B is a nonimmigrant visa, allowing the holder to stay temporarily in the U.S. for work. H-1B holders can typically only remain in the U.S. for a maximum of six years.

How do I know my EB3 priority date?

You can find your priority date on the I-797 form mailed by USCIS approving your I-130 petition. Current: In the context of the visa bulletin, “current” means no backlog and no wait time for a green card. A particular priority date becomes “current” once it reaches the front of the line and a green card is available.

How many EB3 India applications are pending?

Per CATO Institute, Estimations show that that there are around 560,000+ applications pending in the EB2 category for FY2020. Similarly for EB3 India category 130,000+ applications are in backlog.

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Can nurses get green card?

Registered nurses may enter the U.S. directly as a lawful permanent resident (LPR) or Green Card status. … LPR status also allows a nurse and his or her family to permanently reside in the U.S. through a sponsor after meeting certain requirements.

Will EB-3 India move forward in 2022?

EB3 will not reach 2016 in 2022. … Charlie says do not expect any movement in EB2 and EB3 India in the Oct bulletin. Dates will most probably remain the same as Sep 2021 bulletin. USCIS has announced its efforts to reduce the Green card number wastage as much as possible by Sep 30, 2021.

Is EB-3 India moving fast?

For example, EB-3 India moves by 3.5 months (7 weeks for EB-2 India) while EB-3 China is forwarding by 5.5 months (EB-2 China advances by six weeks).

Will EB-3 India become current in 2019?

EB-1: All countries, including China and India, will remain current. … All other countries will remain current. EB-3 Professionals and Skilled Workers: Cutoff dates for China will advance four months to January 1, 2019, while India will advance fourteen months to January 1, 2013. All other countries will remain current.

Can I move from EB2 to EB3?

The good news is most people who are eligible for the EB2 visa will qualify for the EB3 visa as well, and you can downgrade from EB2 to EB3. To downgrade from EB2 to EB3, the applicant’s employer will have to file an I-140 Petition for Alien Worker and a PERM labor certification.

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What EB3 2?

EB2 and EB3 Visas. EB2 and EB3 visas are permanent residency visas (green cards) for skilled professionals or academics. … The EB-2 is a desirable permanent / green card visa because approval takes much less time than EB-3. However, it is scrutinized more closely.

What is the difference between filing date and final action date?

Now, the “Date for Filing” determines whether or not you can submit the final immigrant visa application, and the “Final Action Date” indicates whether or not it is expected that an immigrant visa number will be available.