Your question: Which college has uniform in Mumbai?

Saint Xavier’s College, Mumbai: A Complete Guide – Uniform Application.

Is there uniform in St Xavier’s college Mumbai?

St Xavier’s College

Currently, students must turn up in modest clothes — shoulders and ankles covered. Dresses and skirts that fall below the knee are allowed, but not pants that don’t go up till the feet. “The dress code is non-negotiable,” says Trinette D’Souza, an FYJC science student.

Does St Xavier’s college Mumbai have NCC?

The College may initiate action to have N.C.C. and N.S.S. Units. The management should motivate the faculty to pursue doctoral degrees, as the college has doctoral programmes.

Is there ragging in St Xaviers Mumbai?

St. Xavier’s College: What we have in our college cannot be termed “ragging”. The seniors approach freshers in the canteen and initiate a friendly chat, some may ask for a treat or two. … It’s interaction, not ragging.

Is attendance compulsory in Xaviers college Mumbai?

“Speaking as part of the management, we do truly believe that attendance helps you, maybe not compulsory attendance.” Samant said. Mumbai University rules mandate 75 per cent attendance for students for every semester.

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Is there ragging in St Xaviers college?

St Xavier’s College: Has an anti-ragging committee of staff members and senior students, and a mentor programme.

Are t shirts allowed in college?

Kurtas, jeans and T-shirts are allowed on campus as long as they are decent,” says Jyothi, from Jain University. Students too feel that a dress code for colleges is not necessary. … It’s not like people will wear a spaghetti top and walk around in college if there is no dress code.

Does St Xavier’s Mumbai have hostel?

Hostel: The campus hostel is only for male students of the First and Third Years Senior College. Apart of the College Canteen serves as the Hostel Mess and it serves subsidized meals and refreshments to hostelites and guests. Some of the rooms in the hostel are for two occupants and some for three occupants.

How can I join NCC without college?

You can join NCC as an open cadet , if your college or institute does not have it . Open cadets generally be sent to other college of same university which have NCC or you will be having your NCC Drills and training in that battalion itself depending upon the number of vacancies they have.

In which college NCC is there?

College Details

The NCC unit of Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru-64 is granted by 7 KAR BN NCC Bengaluru-01 Coming under “Bengaluru ‘B’ GROUP” in the Karnataka & Goa Directorate, Bengaluru. Every year 108 Cadets are on enrolling in this unit with Asst.

How can I apply for NCC after 12th?

Application for Enrolment

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A student desirous of being enrolled in the Senior Division shall apply to the Officer Commanding of the nearest NCC Unit; while a student desirous of being enrolled in the Junior Division should apply to the Headmaster/Principal of the school in the prescribed form.

Is there ragging in Presidency University?

Ragging is a cognizable offense and Presidency University will take strict action against offenders.