Your question: Why Durgapur is called the Ruhr of India?

The whole region is called the Ruhr Industrial Region. In West Bengal, coal is found in the Damodar river valley of Burdwan district. The iron and steel industry, cement, engineering industry, etc. have developed here based on coal. That is why, Durgapur is called the ‘Ruhr of India’.

What is the longest river of peninsular India?

Narmada: The Longest Westward Flowing River of the Peninsular India.

Is Durgapur a safe city?

Durgapur is a safe and a very well planned city with the completion of the Airport; it will be the 1st Airport City in India.

Is Durgapur steel plant government?

Durgapur Steel Plant is one of the integrated steel plants of Steel Authority of India Limited, located in Durgapur, in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal. It was set up with the help of United Kingdom.

Durgapur Steel Plant.

Type Public Sector Undertaking
Headquarters Durgapur, West Bengal India
Key people AV Kamalkar(CEO)
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