Best answer: What are the cabs available in Chennai?

Are taxis available in Chennai?

At Chennai Airport there are available prepaid taxis. Passengers need to go to the prepaid taxi booth first, located in the Arrivals hall and pay for the ride. Once you have your ticket, you can board a taxi. Choose this option to avoid overcharges.

Which is best call taxi in Chennai?

Call Taxi Services Chennai

  • Madras Call Taxi. 4.1. 485 Ratings. Senthil Nagar Tirumullaivayal. …
  • Speed Dial Call Taxi & Cool Cab. 4.0. 150 Ratings. …
  • Mithra Travels. 4.2. 36 Ratings. …
  • Easy Call Taxi. 3.9. 515 Ratings. …
  • Thillaiyazhini Travels. 4.6. 29 Ratings. …
  • Drop Cabs. 4.3. 7 Ratings. …
  • V. Ots Cab. 4.2. …
  • V. Chrys Cabs & Travels. 4.2.

Is airport taxi available in Chennai during lockdown?

The distance between Chennai Airport to Lockdown is 287 kms and it takes 4 hours 56 mins to reach Chennai Airport by booking a taxi from Chennai Airport to Lockdown drop. The Taxi fare from Chennai Airport to Lockdown is ₹ 3,157. Reke India offers the cheapest fare for Chennai Airport to Lockdown one way cab.

Is cab available in Chennai during lockdown?

-Inter-district and intra-district bus services run by the government and private players are prohibited. … –Taxi services and auto services are also not allowed to operate. -People need to carry documents to prove their travel for weddings, funerals, hospitals will be allowed.

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Is Uber working in Chennai today?

Cab-aggregator Uber resumed its services in Chennai Thursday. Residents can now access UberGO, UberXL, and Uber Premier services, with rates dependent on the demand-supply algorithm. … Uber driver-partners have been directed to disinfect their car before and after every trip.

Is Ola available in Ahmedabad during lockdown?

The latest lockdown 3.0 guidelines provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) bring some relief for the ride-hailing services such as Uber, Ola, and others. … Starting May 4 midnight, Uber and Ola have resumed services since the first lockdown was announced back in March.

What do you mean by cab?

A cab is a taxi, a car whose driver you pay to take you where you need to go. … You can also call the front part of a truck, where the driver sits, the cab. In the 1820s, the word meant “horse-drawn carriage,” short for the French cabriolet, “leap or caper.” The Latin root is capreolus, “wild goat.”

Is auto allowed in Chennai airport?

Only Private Vehicles and AAI Licensee (Aviation Express) will be allowed to pick up passengers in front of Terminal building without paying any fee. All other vehicles will be allowed to pick up the passengers in the parking area only.

Park & Fly.

Type of Vehicles 0-30 mins. (INR) 30-120 mins. (INR)
Car 40 100
Two-wheeler 20 25

Is Ola available in Chennai airport?

Passengers at Chennai airport will be able to book cabs at Ola kiosks outside the domestic and the international arrival terminals. The kiosks will enable passengers to access cabs even without smartphones and Ola app.

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How do I get from Chennai airport to railway station?

Chennai Airport doesn’t have an own railway station, however, passengers can transfer to the nearest railway station, Tirusulam Station, located 2 km from Chennai Airport. The route is Tambaram to Chennai Beach and stops in important stations: Chennai Airport (Tirusulam RS) and Chennai Central Station, among others.