Best answer: Who are dependents under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act?

Such people can include children and old people. Section 20 of the act states: A Hindu male or female is obligated to maintain their children whether they are legitimate or illegitimate. Children shall claim for maintenance from their parents as long as they are minor.

Who are the dependent under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956?

Maintenance of children and aged parents- (1) Subject to the provisions of this section a Hindu is bound, during his or her lifetime, to maintain his or her legitimate or illegitimate children and his or her aged or infirm parents.

Who are dependents Hindu law?

Under this Act, even the heirs of a deceased Hindu are bound to maintain his/her “dependants” out of his/her estate inherited by them [Section 22]. Dependents include deceased person’s minor son, unmarried daughter, widowed daughter, minor illegitimate son, minor illegitimate daughter [Section 21].

Who is eligible to adopt a son under Hindu law?

Men who are unmarried can adopt as well as long as they are not a minor. However, if a man were to adopt a daughter, the man must be twenty one years of age or older. Only unmarried Hindu women can legally adopt a child. A married woman can only give her consent to adoption by her husband.

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Who may be given in adoption?

Mother only has the right to give a child in for adoption in case of death, conversion, renunciation or unsoundness of mind of the father. After the 2010 amendment, under Section 9 of the Act, only the natural father or mother or the guardian of a child has the capacity to give a child in for adoption.

What are the conditions of valid adoption under Hindu law?

Requisites of a Valid Adoption

The person adopting should have the capacity and also the right, to take in adoption. The person giving in adoption should have the capacity to do. The person adopted should be capable of being taken in adoption.

Can a man adopt a child without being married to the mother?

2. Do you have to be married to adopt in California? California has no marital requirements related to adoption. Single people can happily adopt children, although their single-parent status may affect their wait time for an adoption opportunity.

Can a married woman adopt a child?

A wife can adopt a child, the court said, but this exception is made only when the husband is declared by to be mentally unsound. A woman can also adopt a child if her husband is dead. … The judges further said a husband can adopt a child but only if the wife gives consent.

Can a Hindu widow adopt a child?

Under the Hindu Law a widow can’t, after her re-marriage, make, a valid adoption to her former husband (5). (20) Adoption by a widow with the consent of reversioners. A widow generally can also adopt with the consent of the reversioners.

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What is Section 24 HMA?

24 Maintenance pendente lite and expenses of proceedings. … (i) During the pendency of the divorce proceedings at any point of time if the wife establishes that she has no sufficient independent income for her support, it is open to her to claim maintenance pendente lite; Manokaran v.

Can a unmarried man adopt a child?

A person can adopt irrespective of their marital status and whether or not he or she has a biological son or daughter. … A single female can adopt a child of any gender but a single male shall not be eligible to adopt a girl child. In case of a married couple, both spouses should give their consent for adoption.

Who is a natural guardian for the child under Hindu law?

Section 6 of India’s Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956 provides that the natural guardian of a Hindu minor boy or unmarried girl is the father, and only after him, the mother. It also provides that the guardian of a married minor girl is her husband.