Can an American sue an Indian?

Similar to other sovereign governments, Native American tribes enjoy common law sovereign immunity and cannot be sued. Native American tribes are subject to being sued only in cases where Congress has unequivocally authorized the lawsuit or in a case where the tribe has clearly waived its immunity.

Can someone in US sue someone in India?

Based on this the USA person might settle with you. … A company which is based in USA must be having their liaison offices in india. You can sue them. You can also sue them in india and the court shall issue notices to the company.

Can Native Americans sue in court?

Native American Tribes are Immune from Civil Lawsuits Says U.S. Supreme Court. … The Court held that even where the tribe had defaulted on the note and breached the contract, a tribe cannot be sued for such breach of contract in either state or federal court.

Can someone from America sue someone in another country?

You can always sue someone in the country they live in, assuming that their country allows foreigners to sue. You can always sue a foreign person in the US, but whether you can enforce the judgment will depend on whether you can find some asset in the US, or whether the foreign country will recognize the US judgment.

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Can I sue a foreigner in India?

As per the above sections, the legal position is that: A foreigner can sue an Indian in India before a competent court. A foreign company can sue an Indian company in India before a competent court. … A foreigner can sued in India before a competent court.

Who can sue in India?

Alien enemies residing in India with the permission of the Central Government, and alien friends, may sue in any Court otherwise competent to try the suit, as if they were citizens of India, but alien enemies residing in India without such permission, or residing in a foreign country, shall not sue in any such Court.

What happens if a foreigner commits a crime in India?

A foreigner who commits an offence within India is guilty and can be punished as such without any limitation as to his corporeal presence in India at the time. … Being a foreign national does not imply that the foreigner will not be liable for criminal acts in the country.

Who does the Supreme Court side with the government or the Cherokee?

One year later, however, in Worcester v. Georgia, 31 U.S. 515 (1832), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee Nation was sovereign. According to the decision rendered by Chief Justice John Marshall, this meant that Georgia had no rights to enforce state laws in its territory.

Can a non US company sue a US company?

Generally, pursuant to specific jurisdiction, a non-U.S. company can always be sued in the United States in the federal or local courts of a state where it has engaged in activity, or to which it has directed activity, for claims arising out of such conduct. … The Supreme Court ultimately rejected that argument.

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What to do if someone is harassing me from another country?

You should contact the police where he lives and file a complaint. Even if the police only speak to him, this should frighten him away…

How do I sue someone in USA?

If you decide to go to court, follow these steps:

  1. Figure Out How to Name the Defendant.
  2. Ask for Payment.
  3. Find the Right Court to File Your Claim.
  4. Fill Out Your Court Forms.
  5. File Your Claim.
  6. Serve Your Claim.
  7. Go to Court.