Does Virgin Mobile work in India?

Virgin Mobile is the only service provider in India that has adopted a niche strategy, and it is focused on the youth segment. A franchisee of Tata Teleservices Ltd. , the company launched its operations about two years back and today offers both GSM and CDMA services in 200 cities in the country.

Can I use my Virgin Mobile in India?

You can now use your UK data allowance with Roam Like Home. This means that while you’re travelling in an EU country you’ll be able to use data just as you would in the UK, subject to fair use limits. … See Data-free messaging on Virgin Mobile for more details.

Does Virgin charge for roaming?

Will there be roaming charges? No extra roaming charges are in place yet with Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile customers can use their UK allowance of minutes, texts and data in the EU just as if in the UK subject to fair use limits. However, when roaming in the EU, Virgin Mobile’s fair usage policy applies.

What calls are free on Virgin Mobile?

0800 and 0808 numbers

Freephone numbers starting 0800 or 0808 are already free to call from your Virgin Media home phone. From July 1st 2015 they’ll also be free for consumers to call from mobile phones.

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Is Virgin Mobile free in Europe?

Now you can use your mobile in the EU at no extra cost. With Roam Like Home, you can use your mobile wherever you go in the EU and pay no more for your texts, data and minutes than you would in the UK (subject to our fair usage policy).

Can you use Virgin phone abroad?

Check your costs and coverage

If you Pay As You Go you can use your phone in over 100 countries worldwide. If you’re a Pay Monthly customer, you can use your phone in over 200 destinations worldwide.

Can I use my phone data abroad?

However, all the networks we’ve spoken to confirmed you can still use your UK allowance of minutes, texts and data for now (EE & Vodafone will make changes in January for some) without paying any extra charges if you’re in one of 30 countries outside the UK, including France, Italy and Spain (though some providers have …

Is Virgin Mobile closing down?

Virgin Mobile is to close down its pay-as-you-go (PAYG) services from January 2022 in a move that impacts 123,000 customers. … Alternatively, if you want to stay with Virgin Mobile and switch to one of its Sim-only or pay-monthly plans, haggle with it to see if it’ll match or beat a deal you’ve found elsewhere.

Why did Virgin Mobile fail?

Traditionally Virgin Mobile targeted urbanites and those with low income and credit. But with the explosion of the MVNO marketplace over the years and the growth of Sprint’s other prepaid brand Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile was often neglected as competing brands took over its market share.

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Is Virgin Mobile closing?

The Virgin Mobile brand has been closed down entirely, with Optus confirming in 2018 that they would shut down their low-cost subsidiary.