Frequent question: Is cloak room available in Chennai airport?

In airport Near the Terminal, there is a cloak room its better and less cost. Another Cloak rooms available at the Parking area but cost is high.

Does Chennai Airport have lounge?

Chennai Airport (MAA) lounges are open to passengers at a reduced cost no matter the airline they are flying with. It is the best choice for a connected flight, a cancelled flight, an early morning check-in or for a breakfast.

Why Chennai airport is called Maa?

The domestic and the international terminals are named after former chief ministers of Tamil Nadu K. Kamaraj and C. N. Annadurai, respectively.

How long will an airport hold your luggage?

Storing some of this stuff at your point of departure or connecting airport could make a lot of sense, but only a few US airports offer storage options these days and many are limited to 24 or 48 hours.

Is cloak room available in Chennai Egmore railway station?

To be run by IRCTC

The IRCTC, having successfully commissioned modern rest rooms at Madurai and Tiruchi railway junctions, is giving a complete makeover to passenger amenities at Chennai Egmore station. … The lounge also has a separate recliner room, cloak room, shower and changing room, which can be used at extra cost.

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Is food in airport lounge free?

Is food free in airport lounges in India? As a general rule of thumb, most things in an airline lounge are complimentary. … In international business and first class class lounges, all food and drinks should be free.

Can I use lounge on arrival in Chennai?

CHENNAI: The city airport opened a bus lounge to increase the capacity of its arrival terminal. Passengers arriving on planes that are parked far from the terminal are ferried to the terminal by shuttle buses. This new lounge adds not only space for passengers, but also for parking shuttle buses in the airside.

Which cards are accepted at Chennai Airport lounge?

Complimentary Access to: Visa Signature, MasterCard, Priority Pass, Diners Club, Amex.

How many hours before can I enter Chennai Airport?

Airports Authority of India (AAI) and ministry of civil aviation have suggested that domestic passengers reach the airport two to three hours before departure to avoid delays caused by social distancing restrictions, but officials who have checked how the systems work believe it may take up to four hours.