Frequent question: Why do South Indians eat sour food?

What makes Indian food sour?

Imli (Tamarind)

And the sweet-sour pulp extracted from the long, brown pods turns up all over the Indian kitchen. Soaked and strained, tamarind water serves as a base for some of the richest rasams and is the key souring agent in sambhar (a typical South Indian lentil dish).

Is South Indian food bad?

South Indian breakfast are hugely popular all over India simply because they provide a burst of energy and satisfy our appetite. But unfortunately dishes like idli and dosa, which are known for being low on calories, are in fact bad for the health.

Which tamarind is best?

Bestsellers in Tamarind

  1. #1. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Tamarind Slab, 200g. …
  2. #2. Pro Nature Organic 100% Organic Tamarind, 500g. …
  3. #3. More Choice Tamarind, 200g. …
  4. #4. More Choice Superior Tamarind, 500g Pouch. …
  5. #5. Hommade Dabur Tamarind Paste 200g. …
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  7. #7. …
  8. #8.

How much tamarind should I eat daily?

It is advisable to consume 10 g of Tamarind per day to reduce the excess fluoride content in the body.

Which Indian state has worst food?


India State Hunger Index rank State Under-five mortality rate (deaths per hundred)
1 Punjab 5.2
2 Kerala 1.6
3 Andhra Pradesh 6.3
4 Assam 8.5

What do South Indians eat every day?

Difference in daily diets of north and south Indians

  • Chole bhature.
  • Raw banana bajji.
  • Traditionally south Indian meals are served on banana leaves.
  • Filter coffee is served in glass of steel and bowl.
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