How can I check my land value in Chennai?

To find the guideline value for a property, visit the Tamilnadu Registration Department website. On the left side of the window, select the zone for which guideline value is required and select search by street name on the right side pane.

How do I find the value of my land?

The land value is estimated by the comparative method. The current value of the land is obtained based on the price at which a similar property was recently sold in that locality. Where, Land = the cost involved in buying or acquiring the land.

How can I check my guideline value in Chennai?

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Registration Department. Or, you may also try by clicking on the ‘Guide value’ tab. Enter other details such as, street or survey number, choose the criteria and proceed. Hit ‘Search’ to see the street-wise details.

How do I value my property?

How To Value Your Own Property

  1. Find out how much similar properties have sold for. …
  2. Understand the current property market. …
  3. Look at housing market predictions. …
  4. Use online tools. …
  5. Check the previous sale price of your property. …
  6. Take into consideration your local area. …
  7. So… in summary.
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Which area in Chennai has highest guideline value?

Valasaravakkam guideline value:

This micro market is located in the west Chennai. With maximum guideline value of Rs. 6,000 per sq. ft the village ranks 98th position for the highest guideline value.

What is government value of property?

Property Guideline value is the estimated market value of the property as per the records maintained by the Government. Under ideal conditions, the property guideline value should reflect the true market value of the property.

What is EC for flat?

An Encumbrance Certificate or (EC) is a certificate of assurance that the concerned property is free from any legal or financial liability such as a mortgage or pending loan. (a) Need for an Encumbrance Certificate. 1. It is a mandatory document used in property transactions as evidence of free title/ownership. 2.

How is fair market value calculated?

Remember, fair market value is determined by what the buyer and seller both agree to pay. For example, if you had a homeowner who needed to sell the home quickly to take a job in another state, maybe the buyer paid less than the home’s actual value at that time.

What is current market value?

What Is Current Market Value (CMV)? Within finance, the current market value (CMV) is the approximate current resale value for a financial instrument. … The current market value is usually taken as the closing price for listed securities or the bid price offered for over-the-counter (OTC) securities.