How can I get medical visa for India?

How to obtain a medical visa for India? Foreign nationals can acquire an India eMedical visa by filling in an online application form. This simple process can be done from the comfort of the traveler’s home or office, avoiding a trip to an embassy or consulate.

Is medical visa allowed in India?

It is also possible to visit India with an online visa as a medical patient. The e-Medical Visa allows travelers from abroad to enter the country to receive treatment. This must be approved by a hospital or medical center in the country. Each patient can have up to 2 people accompanying them.

How much is medical visa to India?


Country name Duration of stay Consular Fee
US nationals One year (Triple Entry) $140
Six Months (Triple Entry) $100
Other nationals 1 year (Triple Entry) $120
Six Months (Triple Entry) $80

Who is eligible for Indian entry visa?

An Entry visa is granted to the following types of applicants: A person of Indian Origin, defined as a person who has held Indian nationality or is a child or grandchild of a person who has held Indian nationality. In fact, persons of Indian Origin must apply for an Entry Visa instead of a Tourist Visa.

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What documents do I need for Indian visa?

Tourist Application Requirements for a India Visa. You must provide your actual signed passport, including one copy of the personal information page of your passport. Your passport must: Be valid for six months beyond the validity of your requested visa.

How much does medical visa cost?

Any medical examination fees, including x-ray and blood test fees, must be paid directly to the examining physician in cash or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) only. The basic fee for adults (age 15 years and older) is 290 British pounds. The fee for children age 14 years and younger is 125 British pounds.

How many days a foreigner can stay in India for medical reasons?

In case of indoor medical treatment of less than 180 days or up to the stay stipulation period, if any, stipulated on primary visa of a foreigner or the duration of his or her primary visa, whichever is earlier, a foreigner is permitted to take such indoor medical treatment subject to certain conditions, it said.

Which city is best for medical treatment in India?

1. Chennai. One of the most popular destinations for medical treatment in India. A Confederation of Indian Industries study found around 40% of the people chose to get treated in Chennai for its high-quality treatment.

How long does a medical visa last?

Immigrant visas are limited to the validity of the medical examination for a maximum of six months. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved a one-month extension for medical examinations conducted between January 1, 2020, and June 30, 2020.

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